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Flood Victims of the Ark La Tex

Special 15% Discount off of Labor for Flood Victims

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the floods throughout the Ark-La-Tex. Because of the devastation that has happened and continues to happen in our area, we realize that you are worried about your home and what to do when the waters finally recede.

Here are a few tips to consider: 

  • When you are able to enter your home again, check the outside structure of the home before entering to ensure it is stable enough to enter.

  • Do not attempt to turn the power on until you are able to have someone safely inspect it to make sure it is safe.

  • Turn off any outside gas lines at the meter tank.

  • Abide by the boil order, if there is one in place in your neighborhood/area. If you are unsure if there is a boil order in place, you can check KTBS's or KSLA's website for more information.

  • Dispose of any food items, (including canned goods) bottled water, medicines, etc., that have made contact with flood waters.

  • Make sure you wear protective gear such as gloves, mask, and work boots, when removing items from your home. Any items that you plan to keep, need to be cleaned with bleach (or bleach cleaning product) or with a pine oil cleaner. The items will need to be dried completely and monitored to ensure no mold growth. NOTE: Do not use chlorine bleach to clean metal or wood.

  • Remove wet contents as soon as possible. Mold can be especially dangerous and develops at a fast rate. Regular mold can develop in only a couple of days. Black mold can grow as quickly as eight to twelve days.

  • Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. You will use these pictures whenever you file an insurance claim.

  • Make a detailed list of any lost or damaged items, along with the photos. Be sure to make a note of the purchase date of the products that were damaged, and if at all possible, save the receipt. If the receipt is wet but legible and you believe you will not be able to save it, take a picture of the receipt. You will need this information for the insurance company.

Hopefully, these tips come in handy and have provided you with helpful information. Whenever you are ready, our services are available. With that comes a special 15% discount off of labor. We look forward to helping our community rebuild and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Russell & Shelley Johns